Reddit nerds are competing to prove their country is most Bitcoin friendly

Bitcoin enthusiasts on Reddithave come up with a new, ridiculous challenge: posting photos of stores accepting BTC payments from the most unexpected places in the world.

The trend seems to have started when an r/Bitcoin user posted a photo of a store accepting payments in BTC in Romania. The user called it “the first signs of Bitcoin going mainstream.”

Redditors from other country were not happy with the Romanian claim that Bitcoin acceptance is higher in their country. They decided to compete and started posting pictures of stores accepting BTC in their own countries.

This started a whole saga of ‘I see you, and raise you’ posts in a bid to show which country is the most progressive when it comes to accepting BTC payments.

Here are some of our favorite ones:

I see your Romania and give you Saigon, Vietnam!

I see your Vietnam and raise you Vienna, Austria!

I see your Saigon and raise you VangVieng Bitcoin club, Laos!

I see your VangVieng and raise you Bali, Indonesia!

I see your Bali Indonesia, and I raise you a hotdog, Canada!

I’ll see your Toronto, Canada and raise you Southern California, USA!

I see your Bitcoin stores, and I raise you this Kiosk, France!

I see all your cities and raise you a 150 year old Brewery, Canada.

If the number of photos are to go by, Canada seems to have the highest number of stores accepting BTC — or maybe Canadian Redditors are the most patriotic.

The competition might just help start a healthy discussion on the utility of Bitcoin in retail stores. While more than 100,000 merchants accept BTC worldwide, there have been deliberation over whether BTC is viable for day-to-day payments due to high transaction costs .

Do you have pictures of stores accepting BTC that are better than these? Raise the bar and let us know in the comments below.

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