YouTuber asks the internet *not* to Photoshop his pleasant honeymoon photo

Back in April, YouTuber Jack Douglass (of jacksfilms ) kindlyasked the internet not to Photoshop his wedding photos. Of course, he knew what would happen, and it did: the internet Photoshopped his wedding photos.

Now, Douglass is back for round two. On Tuesday, he tweeted a lovely photo of his wife, Erin, from their honeymoon. He also tweeted a .png version of the photo with the background removed.

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"Please don't photoshop our lovely honeymoon," he wrote. "Just ignore the .png with no background."

Please don't photoshop our lovely honeymoon. Just ignore the .png with no background. And whatever you do, don't use #YIAYmoon to submit your creations.

— jacksfilms (@jacksfilms) June 12, 2018

Surprise! People Photoshopped the photo. And, in the classic tradition of the Photoshop battle, a lot of their creations were deeply strange. Good, though!

Okay, fine. I did not understand a lot of them.

heaven #YIAYmoon

— Dr. Grandayy :hospital: (@grande1899) June 12, 2018

The perfect place ;) #YIAYmoon

— angora (@_AngoraX_) June 12, 2018

#yiaymoon I’m having too much fun :joy:

— Amanda (@kajdance1) June 12, 2018

#YIAYmoon o-o-h nooo i deadass dont feel too good man

— Jay is Trash ️‍:rainbow: (@spicyboijay) June 12, 2018

#YIAYmoon thanku for your consideration

— Haribo Styles (@barbrastreistan) June 12, 2018


— Sam Rutledge (@super_sam_rut) June 13, 2018

Who is she gonna marry next #YIAYmoon

— President Derin (@PresidentDerin) June 12, 2018

Per Douglass's non-request, each photo was hashtagged with #YIAYmoon, a reference to the prolific "Yesterday I Asked You" series on his YouTube channel. Synergy!

Anyway, three cheers for Photoshop, the program that brought usOprah's third hand and continues to bless us each day.