Microsoft CRM 2011 and cross-browser support

Does CRM 2011 have cross browser support? Or does it still require Internet Explorer?Edit 04/02/2013. Cross browser support begins with CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12. The browsers supported are listed at: See http:

JQuery - Add css cross-browser styles to an item

i created a button generator with jQuery and want to add styles for multiple browsers to an element. I do this with this code: jQuery('.previewButton').css('background',''); var s = jQuery('.bg_start_color').val(); var e = jQuery('.bg_end_color').val

How to implement a cross browser opacity gradient (no color gradient)

How can I implement cross browser opacity gradient (not color gradient)? See following code: <div style="background-color:Red;display:block;height:500px;width:500px;filter:alpha(Opacity=100, FinishOpacity=0, Style=1, StartX=0, StartY=0, FinishX=0,

Cross Browser entry input field width

I have a shipping/billing input form and I'm having trouble styling the input fields to be the same width... The Problem: -a field <input type="text" size="X" /> appears to render with different sizes in different browsers (see l

JQuery Cross-Browser Performance Issues

I am wrapping up a project in which I used jQuery for the first time. I loved working with the library, and thought I understood one of the benefits was cross-browser compatibility. I had an unpleasant surprise waiting for me when I began testing the

Cross Browser Automatically clicks on the link on the Load with Javascript page

I have a simple html page with an iframe image link. After the page loads I want the link to be clicked automatically. I need the link to be clicked instead of doing a meta refresh so thats out of the question. I searched around and It seems like Fir

Hiding text for transparency in CSS (cross-browser, not IE-6 or lower)

What I need is a black box filled with transparent text over a background image. See this example: Is this possible? If so, how can I do it?There is no cross-browser solution yet, only webkit seems to support masks. -webkit-mask-image: url(/path/to/m

What are the chronological steps in building a site compatible with cross browser?

I am working on my first project that requires me to worry about cross browser compatibility. Since this is my first time doing so, I dont know how to go about completing the project. I am specifically worried about IE. Should I complete my project i

Browser overflow and hellip; How to make Cross Browser, Cross Platform Testing and Compatibility

My team is working on a new site which should be cross browser compatible (IE 8+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera) and cross platform compatible (Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone). We've been looking at a lot of the new methodologies for achieving this suc

Cross-browser CSS for radial gradient and rotation + radius

Thanks to tools like CSS3 Pie and CSS3Please, I have been able to create cross-browser CSS. But I am still stuck in two areas (because of Internet Explorer of course): radial gradient combine rotation and rounded corners Any pointers to how to addres

Create cross-browser mixin to transform: rotate

I want to create a mixin for sass that will apply a rotation to the specified element. The mixin should take one parameter, for the number of degrees of rotation to apply. From, I found a cross-browser way to implement this with CSS: .

CSS: Styling visited images cross the opacity of browser / cross browser

I want to use the CSS visited functionality in the browser to style a clicked image: CSS: .gridview a.plusminus:visited img { /* from */ background: transparent !

Can a cross-browser save a file as a button?

I'm developing a client side music player and am looking for a way to save playlists complete with the mp3 data. localStorage The 5mb limit for localStorage rules that option out. I'm wondering what other options there are. DataURIs I've read about d

Cross-browser compatible online video solution

My company is starting to role out a large number of online tutorial/training videos, which are to be displayed inline on a webpage. We need a simple cross-browser solution that can accommodate a majority of users for inline viewing. One solution I'v