Run a clearcase command with a program c

Run several shell commands with php nohup

I want to execute multiple shell-commands with php's exec command. The commands have to be made sequentially and I want to start them with nohup so it can run in the background and my php-script doesn't have to wait for it to finish. Here's my script

Run a bash command with parameter in Python

This is a bash command that I run in python and get the expected result: count = subprocess.Popen("ps -ef | grep app | wc -l", stdout=subprocess.PIPE, shell=True) but when I'd like to pass an argument (count in this case) cannot figure out how t

Python: Run the bash command with background redirection and get process identification

I am using Python 2.6.6 from Centos 6 platform. I need to run a bash command from Python in background which contains redirection operators and need to read the background process's pid from the sub-process object. I have tried the following code sni

Running a linux command with php exec () and running a shell script

i am trying to run this piece of php code on my server: <?php $cmd = 'echo "this is a test" > /home/ubuntu/scripts/test_file'; echo exec($cmd); ?> From my understanding it should add the piece of text to the file test_file . The file ex

Run the ipconfig command with php

I use this code to understand some information of visitors (clients). It has been running on my virtual server on Xampp, but I can`t run on my main server (host). I see just a blank page. $info = system('ipconfig /all'); echo $info; this might help y

How to run the DOS command with options in java

I want to execute dos based external command through java program if there there is any way please help me String[] options = new String[]{"option1", "option2"}; Runtime.getRuntime().exec("command", options);

Makefile: run the same command with different arguments on different targets

Code Consider the following makefile snippet: COMMIT := $(shell git rev-parse HEAD) build: docker build -f Dockerfile --no-cache=false -t $(COMMIT) . rebuild: docker build -f Dockerfile --no-cache=true -t $(COMMIT) . The problem The only difference b

How to run a C # command with javascript?

take a look at this program: WebForm1.aspx is supposed to call the C# command Button1_Click which is from MultiCust_MultipleFunction.cs , but when I run the code it gives an error for MultiCust_MultipleFunction.cs. It says Button1 is not defined in t

Run consecutive Linux commands with java runtime exec

I need to run two commands linux using java code like this: Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime(); Process pr=rt.exec("su - test"); String line=null; BufferedReader input = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(pr.getInputStream())); while((line=

Running the exe file with java program arguments and sending output to a text file

I want to run a exe file that accepts a mp3 file as an argument and redirects the output to a text file. I am using the below command from command prompt and its running fine and making a log.txt file in my binary folder however I am unable to do so

run an external command with php from linux

system(), exec() etc command works fine in windows (Windows+XAMPP) but when trying in live server (linux) all functions returns NULL. How can run those function from linux?I think that you are looking for shell_exec shell_exec("/path/to"); edit:

Run the cmd command with the C # code

i wil try to run this command: "G:\Arml\Automation\Aystem\Programs\BCompare.exe @G:\Arml\Automation\System\bcomp_script.txt c:\text1.txt c:\text2.txt c:\a.xml"; In c# but nothing it's not execute the result What the correct code i need?Also you

run scripts and commands with interpreter in unix for unix-profane

I am layman to unix and sofar I using R in windows. For example I type following in my R session (in R gui). # this is a my funny example script X <- 1:10 Y <- 21:30 plot(X, Y) myfun <- function (x){ x1 <- x^0.2 return (x1) } myfun(X) How can

How to run multiple linux commands with python variables

I am trying to implement the below from python using subprocess but getting stuck: Within a python script I would like to do the below and echo to linux. varname = "namegoeshere" varvalue = "12345" echo "varname varvalue date +%s&