PHP command not working

PHP does not work as js

I have a form on my website( It creates a folder with php, but ever since I installed a javascript my php is not working. The javascript redirects to the folder the php creates. Ironically, before I made the javascript work,

Insert query in php does not work with ajax

I am having some problems with insert query which is called from ajax. The ajax call comes back with success and I am able to see it with the changed html as noted below in the code under success:function(). I am not sure why the insert query in proc

Does PHP unlink () not work to delete files?

PHP unlink() not working to delete files my code is deleting in database properly but cant deleted from file how pls help me how to delete data in my uploaded file? <?php $id = $_POST['id']; include_once('db.php'); $objDbCon = new db_connect(); $strS

Paypal PHP does not work. No response received from Sandbox; only Login: close

I've been at it for 24 hours now and am about to pull my hair out. I've checked all over the Web and within Stackoverflow and can find nothing that helps. I've even checked previous posts such as Not receiving a response from Paypal IPN Sandbox but t

Running exec () from PHP does not work

This works within my PHP code $output = array(); exec("ls /Applications/XAMPP/htdocs/MY_APP/images", $output); var_dump($output); Now I need to use ImageMagick's "convert" command to convert a PNG file to PDF file. But the following do

Sms api using php does not work, even if it is error free

I am trying to send SMS using an API its working fine in my local but it is not working in remote server and it s not giving any error also. if any 1 knows the reason for this then please tell me the solution following code i am using `function execu

DOMPDF: Online PHP script not working

I've a problem with DOMPDF. I'm running PHP 5.3.3 and have the newest DOMPDF 0.6.0 beta2. I've created this HTML template: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" ""&

The checkboxes in php do not work

How can I use the conditional OR in a form with isset? I have this but it does not work. FORM HTML: ... <input type="checkbox" name="carga1"> <input type="checkbox" name="carga2"> ... and the PHP $cargas

JavaScript in PHP does not work (document.getElementById)

Something weird is happening but I can't seem to get the JavaScript code document.getElementById working inside of PHP... For example, load the following PHP code (below) into a PHP file and run it, there is no JavaScript alert? But if you copy the s

SQL & ldquo; SELECT & rdquo; Command Not Working, even if the entry is in DB

I have created the following database: CREATE TABLE QuizRepo ( User_ID BIGINT AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, Name TEXT ) I populate it via JDBC, and when I populate it, I get: mysql> select * from QuizRepo; | User_ID | Name | | 1 | "XXQuiz"| Whe

Sessions in php do not work as expected

I have a file "test.php" like this: <?php session_start(); unset($_SESSION['ph']); require 'connection.php'; if(!session_id()) session_start(); else { echo session_id(); echo "<br>"; echo var_dump($_SESSION); } $ph = 0; if(iss

sendmail.php does not work on mobile

Strange issue - my sendmail.php is working perfectly on desktop and on mobile devices only when requesting desktop websites (in Chrome app), but when using mobile site he does not work at all. Can someone help me figure this out? here is the code: <?

AJAX url - external php does not work

Basic question, complex headache. Trying to build a phonegap app, I have a section where a user inputs multiple emails to register, together with a title. <input type="text" name="person[]"> Then, Ajax takes care of that, $.ajax(

The image showing PHP does not work

Hello i am having a site which shows users their own profile picture. But i am unable to do so, I have built a code but it is not working & giving an error as Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /home/u522159750/public